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This custom App is the ‘heart’ of the AlcoBloc™ Safety Device, the icon driven, easy to follow step by step, makes it easy for anyone to take quick & repeated tests. The innovative Smartphone app connects two robust Bluetooth devices, Portable Breath Tester & Lock. Only a negative reading=no alcohol, will open the lock. All test info is sent to the Secure AlcoBloc Data Server. Only BT devices purchased from YATAG Security will connect to the AlcoBloc™ app.

Why AlcoBloc™?

2019 WHO Report*

  • Estimated that 2.3 billion people currently consume alcohol
  • 283 million individuals are currently battling alcohol-use disorders
  • 28% of the deaths reported were due to alcohol related injuries
  • Current trends point to an expected increase in global alcohol consumption in the next 10 years.
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